PoweredUP Tech Festival Attendees to Receive Exclusive NFT

Attendees at the upcoming PoweredUP tech festival will take home a souvenir beyond your typical company-branded water bottle or pen: a limited-edition NFT.

In an exciting fusion of technology, community engagement, and artistic expression, Cityverse and Tampa Bay Tech will unveil a unique NFT (Non-Fungible Token) at the 5th annual PoweredUP. PoweredUP is a half-day tech festival hosted at the Mahaffey Theater by Tampa Bay Tech, celebrating the stories of the area’s tech companies driving change and creating significant impact all over the globe.

Festival attendees who sign up for Cityverse will have the exclusive NFT automatically populated to their Homespace (or community-facing profile) when Cityverse launches.

Empowering Community Engagement through NFTs

This one-of-a-kind digital token marks a significant milestone, showcasing both Cityverse and Tampa Bay Tech’s commitment to innovation and dedication to the local community. As NFTs continue to redefine the art world and digital ownership, Cityverse and Tampa Bay Tech are leveraging this cutting-edge technology to inspire future Cityverse users, help them build social capital, and contribute to the thriving tech and art scene in the Tampa Bay area. 

The limited-edition NFT from Cityverse and Tampa Bay Tech is a unique piece of digital art that represents a tangible connection between the digital world and the Tampa/St. Pete community. One of the utilities of Cityverse is an on-platform art district where any local artist can claim their free gallery space from which they can display their work and offer prints or NFTs. Art collectors will be able to display their collection of local NFT art treasures in their Homespace profile.

“This is yet another partnership we love to see,” said Joe Hamilton, Head of Network for Cityverse. “This limited-release NFT is the first of many ways Cityzens will be able to commemorate cool events with unique collectibles. It’s also a way to add value for those who attend PoweredUP, giving tech-minded and community-oriented locals a great memento and another way to stay radically connected.”

Powering Innovation in Tampa Bay

The PoweredUP Tech Festival acts as a catalyst for the growth and development of the Tampa Bay tech ecosystem. The festival provides an opportunity for companies and organizations to showcase their technological prowess, sparking inspiration and fostering connections within the industry. PoweredUP attendees can expect a dynamic lineup of sessions to equip them with tangible learnings that amplify their projects and initiatives at work. With a focus on the latest trends in AI, ChatGPT, cybersecurity, web3, the metaverse, and tech talent, this year’s tracks will take attendees on a thrilling deep dive into the world of tech.

Tampa Bay Tech and Cityverse’s limited-issue NFT drop exemplifies the relentless pursuit of innovative ways to support hyper-local news that engages with the community. It’s another way Tampa Bay Tech and Cityverse are keeping you radically connected… one exclusive digital artwork at a time.

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