Cathie Wood and Joe Hamilton Talk Tech at Synapse Summit

Cityverse founder Joe Hamilton will be speaking with Cathie Wood for a virtual fireside chat at Synapse Summit, held on February 14, 2023 at Amalie Arena in Tampa.

Synapse describes their organization as “the statewide connector of Florida’s innovation community, creating opportunities for entrepreneurs, investors, and talent to find what they need and share what they have”. The Summit is Synapse’s premiere event, bringing in voices from all over the tech world to share their expertise with one of the nation’s top rising innovation centers—Tampa Bay.

Wood and Hamilton fit perfectly into this innovation-centric conference. Wood has focused on investing in innovation and Tampa Bay, both as an individual, and through her company, ARK Invest. Hamilton has spent the past decades building businesses in St. Petersburg, including the St. Petersburg Group and Catalyst News. His newest venture, Cityverse, is an early-stage tech start-up reimagining the way we engage with our city in the digital space.

This year’s summit contains a variety of speakers, covering topics about financial readiness, military technology, clean energy, gaming, Web 3, and Artificial intelligence. Wood’s ARK Funds invest in many of the industries represented at Synapse, and she will undoubtedly have a great deal of perspective to offer at the end of a long, information-rich day.

Last year, Cityverse announced Wood as an early investor in the company. In regards to the project, Wood says, “I’ve always believed in backing founders who are at the forefront of innovation.  With Cityverse, Joe is building an important foundation for the next generation of content creation and distribution.” She has also been outspoken about her support for the continued success of the Tampa Bay region. In this conversation, Hamilton will have the opportunity to provide an update on the progress of Cityverse and shed additional light on the promise it offers to connect innovators in this region like never before.

This chat will take place on the first floor of Amalie Arena at 4:00pm. Tickets for Synapse are still available, and can be found here.

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