Cityverse is the local social media platform the world has been waiting for, and that's just the beginning.


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Welcome to Cityverse.

Cityverse is a virtual overlay for a city. It binds the community together by porting news, content and action from the physical city into a powerful and unique virtual experience.

The Cityverse platform is multi-faceted and offers several noteworthy innovations:

Catalyst local news is the engine that turns the content flywheel. Catalyst optimizes for 4 variables in serving readers: solid traditional journalism, idea stacking to blend multiple perspectives (like social media), community expertise and rare information. Reach out to see how these different variables will be expressed in a Cityverse.

Cityverse serves an unserved demographic: the community. Legacy platforms organize around various factors. Facebook, for example, is the platform of friends and family. NextDoor is the platform for neighbors. Neither of these serves the city. Reach out to learn how we’ve segmented social media demographics horizontally and vertically.

The traditional newspaper model of ad revenue and subscription revenue is suffering. Cityverse makes local journalism financially sustainable without ads or subscritpions. Reach out to learn how Cityverse leverage SaaS products and other means to generate revenue.

Cityverse is bringing web3 concepts to the masses. Each Homespace will include a wallet and a personal NFT gallery. We’ll have an on-platform stable coin as well as a stakeholder token. Reach out to learn how we’re leveraging blockchain, NFTs and web3 in each Cityverse.

These topics are just a few of the ways you can engage your readers about Cityverse, and we’ll discover even more together when we connect.


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Benji Vizy

Director of Operations

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“There is no platform for communities because no one has successfully catalyzed the perpetual motion flywheel of content and attention at the local level.” – Joe Hamilton, Founder, Cityverse
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Cityverse offers the tools and incentives to drive valuable content, and the distribution mechanisms to achieve maximum activation of that value.

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The Cityverse platform is an idea meritocracy. When the best thinking reaches the most people, it leads to a more aligned and resillient community.
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