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What is Cityverse?

Cityverse is a virtual overlay for a physical city. Powered by local news, Cityverse connects the community through information, ideas and experiences.

What can I do in Cityverse?

Cityverse is your platform to express your civic-self. In your personal Homespace, you’ll share your Cityzen experience with the community.

Your homespace hosts all the classic content types, including words, pictures, audio and video, as well as emerging concepts like NFTs and, eventually, immersive metaverse spaces.

Your Homespace is part of a mosaic of local people, creators, businesses, and organizations that bloom virtually in the Cityverse, so you can enjoy them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Your Cityverse Flow is where the best of your city comes to you. There you'll see content slides full of news, content and other action from the community.

Only people who live in the physical city can have a Homespace, making it a truly local environment.

Your content feed aggregates the news, content and action from your Cityverse. Content you create flows into the feed of your fellow Cityzens.

Who is Cityverse for?

Cityverse has something for everyone. Stay informed with the latest news, connect and interact in platform spaces, enjoy content from your community, start a side hustle, or just wander through the Cityverse and explore the unique character of your city.

Why build Cityverses?

At the heart of Cityverse is Catalyst local news. We created Cityverse to innovate and revitalize local news, so that the community could not only stay informed, but also come together to share ideas and actions in response to news.

It’s clear the traditional local news model has declined in its efficacy. Technological advancement has changed our expectations about news. The internet exposed us to nearly infinite information and perspectives. Social media gave us all platforms to participate in news and stack our ideas together.

The next evolution of local news must provide solid fundamental journalism, allow room for different perspectives, contain deeper subject matter expertise and be collaborative and interactive.

Local news also has another purpose. It binds the community together. Without that binding force, communities are more fragmented, which reduces consensus and weakens resiliency.

Cityverse will re-bind the community in a way that meets the demands of the modern citizen. With valuable self expression tools, idea distribution and a culture of civic collaboration, the Cityverse will be a place where the city comes together and stays together as one community tribe.

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Fluents and Metatokens in development

Cityverse will launch with two tokens. Fluents, which are held as the stable currency for transacting, and Metatokens, which Cityzens will use for participation within their Cityverse.

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